Diane L. Battiato

Douglas County Register of Deeds

Fee Sheet


Schedule of Recording Fees as set forth in Nebraska State Statutes:



FILING FEES (Effective Jan. 1, 2013, LB14):


     First page:  $10.00,

     Each additional page:  $6.00,

     No fee charged for lots or sections of land.


The above fees are required for ALL documents filed in the Register

of Deeds’ office, with the following exceptions:


     UCCs:  Filing fees remain the same—

     First page:  $10.00,

     Each attachment:  $.50.


NO-FEE documents remain the same—


     Federal Tax Lien Termination,

     State Tax Lien Termination, and

     Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Termination.


All other document space-and-filing requirements remain the same (LB254).


DOCUMENTARY STAMP TAX (Effective July 1, 2005):


Documentary Stamp Tax on deeds:  $2.25 per thousand dollars of actual purchase price on transactions which are not exempt under state statute.  If the property transfers for nominal consideration, documentary stamp tax will be due on the assessed value.


Real Estate Transfer Statement (Form 521) is available at as a fillable form.    


FEDERAL and STATE TAX LIENS:  The Register of Deeds office will ONLY record tax liens received from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office.     


CERTIFIED COPIES:  $1.50 per page