Omaha, NE—Even though Diane Battiato, the recently-elected first-time assessor/register of deeds, will not assume her new duties until January 2015, she already is putting the wheels in motion to make the change as glitch-free as possible.  At the top of her readiness list, the formation of a transition committee whose primary task will be to help design a comprehensive action plan to enable a seamless transition.  Battiato said this is one of the most important tasks to accomplish, especially for a newly-merged office.

     “Unfortunately, mergers produce a high degree of uncertainty among staff, stakeholders and the general public.  Everyone’s future, including the new office’s, appears to be in limbo.  Before you know it, inertia consumes the organization and very little gets done,” Battiato said.  “This is why you need a well-crafted transition plan. It eliminates inertia by minimizing uncertainty.  It provides direction--everyone knows where we’re going, and how we plan to get there.  This results in renewed confidence, staff unity and public support.”

     At this point, Battiato is evaluating who will be invited to join the committee; she hopes to make that decision within the next few weeks.  She said she wants to take advantage of the unusual window of opportunity she has, from now until January, to prepare so that she can hit the ground running in January.