Omaha, NE—For the second consecutive year, Douglas County property owners will have an opportunity to review and discuss their preliminary property valuations.  On January 15, property owners will be able to view early valuations on the Douglas County Assessor/Register of Deeds website,

Owners who feel the value is inaccurate may call the Assessor/Register of Deeds office, between January 15 and February 2, to arrange a February meeting with an office representative.  

“We view this as a great opportunity for the property owner to provide information we might not have which might affect their property’s value,” said Assessor/Register of Deeds Diane Battiato.  “Our goal always is to arrive at a fair value for every property.  These meetings can help us do this.” 

To make an appointment, the property owner should call 402-444-6734 between January 15 and February 2.

Battiato said examples of information that a property owner can bring to the meeting include recent appraisals, evidence of lower market sales of similar properties in the neighborhood, and/or a closing statement from a recently-closed sale.  If the property’s condition is a factor, the property owner can provide photos, contractor repair estimates or similar documentation.  Battiato also said the property owner should bring copies because the information will not be returned.

According to Battiato, the assessor’s staff will review any information that was provided during the meetings, and establish final values in March, subject to statewide equalization by the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission (TERC).     

Battiato said final 2015 values will be available in late May.  “If the property owner still is unhappy with the final value, he or she still may file a formal protest with the county board of equalization during June 2015”.